• Prospect Road

    Prospect Road

    A new, cast-in-place concrete box culvert carries Prospect Road over the New Mercer Ditch. Square-K Consulting helped design the box, along with the bridge railing and urban design elements.
  • Bryan Avenue Bridge

    Bryan Avenue Bridge

    Recently completed Bryan Avenue Bridge acts as a gateway into City Park in Fort Collins, Colorado. Square-K designed a custom two-piece precast concrete culvert with cast-in-place bridge railings. Locally quarried moss rock and sloping barrier evoke the historic stone walls throughout the park.
  • T-Rex Project<br>Denver, Colorado

    T-Rex Project
    Denver, Colorado

    Square-K designed seven light rail transit bridges, including complex post-tensioned straddle bents
  • Uintah Street Bridge<br>Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Uintah Street Bridge
    Colorado Springs, Colorado

    ACEC award-winning bridge over Monument Creek and gateway to the Old North End neighborhood, Square-K coordinated with the Architect on the aesthetic features
  • Austin Bluffs Parkway<br>at Union Boulevard<br>Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Austin Bluffs Parkway
    at Union Boulevard
    Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Single-point Urban Interchange adjacent to the Templeton Gap Floodway required the design of two ramp bridges and a pedestrian bridge.

What We Do

Square-K Consulting LLC is a full-service professional consulting engineering firm providing planning, design and construction management for a wide range of Colorado projects.

Founded in 2011, the firm is DBE / ESB certified with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the City and County of Denver, and SBE certified with Regional Transportation District (RTD).

Square-K specializes in multi-modal transportation structures with experience in Design/Build and Fast-Track construction projects.

We have design experience in such structures as steel buildings, wood and steel roof truss joists, steel truss frames, exterior building cladding, spread footings and retaining walls, precast concrete sound barriers, overhead sign structures, underground drainage structures and other bridge components.


  • Bridge Ratings

    Square-K Consulting LLC can perform bridge ratings for various bridge structure types following AASHTO and CDOT requirements.

  • Bridge Design

    Square-K Consulting LLC can provide bridge design services in the state of Colorado from the Structure Selection Report to the Final Office Review, including production of the necessary drawings, calculations and specifications for construction.

    Bryan Ave in City Park - Ft Collins CO
  • Structural Assessment

    Square-K Consulting LLC can evaluate existing historic structures and provide a Historic Structures Report following the US Secretary of the Interior’s Standards. (more…)